Collaborate to Grow<br>Innovate to Succeed

The HKSAR Government is actively driving the development of Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology (I&T) industry, and supporting Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation’s (HKSTP) initiatives to nurture local startups and boost the I&T ecosystem.  

We aim to capture global innovation and technology (I&T) opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship and employment, empower Hong Kong’s innovation economy, build a critical mass in the innovation and technology (I&T) industry and capitalise on Hong Kong’s strengths as we connect with mainland China and overseas markets.

1. Nurture startups in different development stages

We will provide deeper and broader services for startups. We will leverage industry expertise and foster multi-lateral third-party collaboration to support them.

2. Help partner companies achieve long-term development

We will strengthen support measures and a comprehensive range of value-added services to help them raise fund and recruit local and overseas talent.

3. Attract in high potential and forwarding looking tech companies from all over the world 

We will draw in top talent with leading tech skills, and pool I&T resources and facilitate the exchange of talent, skills and knowledge.




New and Enhanced Programmes  




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