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~20,000 We use the power of collaboration to catalyse ideas into impact. We measure our success by the achievements of our Park companies and incubatees. AS OF SEPTEMBER 2023 A 1,400+ Innovation & technology companies 4 13,000+ G ~ 83.7 B by Park Companies since FY2018 350+ HKSTP C 12 Unicorns supported 950+ Startups currently supporting 1,000+ (6 home grown, 6 overseas) + DATA

Strategic Location Enjoy privileged access to the Greater Bay Area and Asia's key markets, from the centre of the Belt and Road. Investment Hub Raise funds from investors drawn to Hong Kong's sizable capital market. World-Leading IPO Market Go public in the No. 1 city for initial public offerings. Logistics Advantage Move goods easily in and out of this international cargo hub via its world-class airport and container port. Public Commitment Tap government funding for driving l&T. Favourable Systems Build business in one of the freest economies, the largest offshore RMB hub and the most business-friendly tax system in the world. Strong IP Protection Safeguard your innovation with intellectual property laws trusted by over 9,000 overseas companies. Freedom of Information Communicate with confidence through a free flow of news and information. Top-Tier Talent Tap into a multilingual talent pool, groomed at Hong Kong's globally renowned universities, five of which are ranked among World's Top 100. Diverse Industry Expertise Share brainwaves with innovators in the fields of fintech, retail tech, health tech, loT and smart city. Multidimensional Culture Be inspired by fascinating contrasts - East and West, old and new - that permeate every aspect of city life.

Tai Po INNOPARK Tsueng Kwan O INNOPARK The Community Lab Yuen Long INNOPARK Fintech Hub Hong Kong Science Park Shenzhen Branch The all-in-one platform to connect Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the globe infrastructure Expand your region-wide business with our comprehensive services Hong Kong Science Park Shenzhen Branch Greater Bay Area Innovation Hub A joint partnership with Hysan Development Accelerate tech application and commercialisation with real-world data Connect start-ups with the resources and business networks The Community Lab B2B incubation platform to transform smart city ideas into reality Tai Po – Where leaders in food manufacturing, media services and lifestyle goods come together, and advanced manufacturing is enabled at the Precision Manufacturing Centre. MARS Centre will support the production of medical accessory resilience supplies, medical related equipment, materials, health products as well as other precision manufacturing. Tseung Kwan O – Build your future in this digital hotspot. The Data Technology Hub and Advanced Manufacturing Centre will support the growth of emerging industries. Yuen Long – A nexus for pioneers in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. The Microelectronics Centre will support the development and pilot production of new generation micro-electronics product. Innofacturing Tomorrow INNOPARKs

At HKSTP, you can specialise in four key areas where Hong Kong boasts distinct advantages

Bring your ideas to life through our one-year programme providing HK$100,000 seed funding, co-working space, membership and training to grow your business. Dive into deep tech R&D in this three-year programme that offers a HK$1.29 million financial aid package and productisation support. Incubation Incu-Bio Ground your ideas in reality and get a head start in entrepreneurship. Ideation Transform your R&D outcomes into a thriving buisness with support from mentors, partners and investors. Give your biotech venture a boost in this four-year programme that provides up to HK$6 million in R&D support, along with equipment, co-working space, lab services and regulatory support. As startups grow, their needs change. With programmes tailored for every life stage of a tech company, HKSTP evolves with you throughout your startup journey. Get investment Connect to HKSTP resources and private capital. HKSTP Venture Fund Our VC invests in early and growth stage startups with a hands-on and founder-friendly approach, working with forward-thinking angel and institutional investors to champion game-changing tech. Its current portfolio covers 27 cases. Investor Network Expand your source of funding through HKSTP’s network of 1,000+ angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate venture funds, family offices and private equity companies.

Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) Scale up your startup potential in two years with access to our network, mentorship support, valuable rersources and up to HK$4.8 million in funding support. ELITE Receive funding to match your R&D captial and operating expenses to help grow and expand your high-potential business. Drive world-class and forward-looking innovation with us. Local innovators and global pioneers with strong R&D capabilities set up operations here. Please refer to the latest programmes at The STP Platform is a dedicated service platform to support the technology development of tech ventures and encourage technology adoption by corporates especially in the areas of AI and Robotics (AIR), smart city, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors technologies. Accelerate Technology Adoption

The vision of our INNOPARKs are guided by the following principles. Output as to economic valueadd contribution Investment in CAPEX for eTuipment together Zith fit out or building construction High-skilled employment creation Product/Service Technology Advanced technology content or novel application in the respective products or services Advanced process applied in the manufacturing of products or delivery of services R&D activities and capabilities Local consumption for stable supply chain Sustainability in terms of business, environment or resources Our vision is unfolding as purposebuilt high-standard industrial buildings are taking shape at INNOPARK. Realise the data economy with untapped data potential at our Data Technology Hub (DT Hub). Access high-speed network and transmission capability here to advance data-driven operations and turn data assets into genuine and competitive advantage. Boost the local capacity for supplying personal protective equipment, MARS Centre is built for products demand precision, hygiene and quality at all levels of the production cycle. Embark on technological innovation, high value-added and low volume but highly customised production with the application of advance manufacturing at our Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC). Make use of the logistics, warehousing, prototyping, low-volume assembly and clean-room-enabled facilities here. Innofacturing Tomorrow aspirations.

Corporate Partners Partner with leading international corporations through our Global Acceleration Academy to co-create innovations and accelerate your business to regional level. Collaborate with high-end design brands and adopt design-thinking mindset through our Design X Technology platform, created in partnership with the Hong Kong Designers Association and CreateHK. Pave ways for industry and market adoption of innovation Recruit top-brass talent through our Hong Kong I&T Career Expo, attended by upwards of 60,000 job seekers from 100 regions. Access bright young minds through our InnoAcademy aiming to upskill technology talent, in parallel with the Technology Leaders of Tomorrow Programme to groom a new generation of outstanding leaders in innovation. Recruit promising talent from overseas and the Mainland through the fast track of Technology Talent Admission Scheme. Get funding to engage researchers through Research Talent Hub and Student Internship Programme. Attract local and international talent. Community Immerse in our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship Grow with our “Work. Live. Play. Learn.” culture and mingle with the SPARK innovation community at Science Park where about 20,000 changemakers striving for tech for good through boundary breaking community building programmes. Our immersive Experience Centre champions the enterprising spirit of Hong Kong and HKSTP, serving as a stage to showcase transformative ideas generated from our vibrant community. Be an innovator and get involved in solving Hong Kong’s biggest challenges by joining the annual City I&T Grand Challenge.

Access limitless Greater Bay Area opportunities We create synergies among Greater Bay Area (GBA) and global markets, facilitate collaboration in the region with a strong presence in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, realise the research to innovation journey and lead to a new era of growth. We connect Hong Kong companies with the funding, talent and business development support they need to extend their visions towards the GBA, while offering tech companies in the GBA a unique platform to fuel their global dreams with our “research to innofacturing to finance (R-I-F)” value chain, sophisticated network among the government, industry, academic and research sectors and Hong Kong’s status as the world’s premier international financial centre. Leveraging the favourable business conditions, the tech companies can focus their valuable resources on core propositions. and “new industrialisation”, and Setting up world-class I&T talents and enterprises for success We unlock the potential of future I&T talents and tech ventures by connecting startups and I&T enterprises with opportunities in the GBA and global markets, while nurturing talent for I&T success with various training, networking and resource support.

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