We live in a world of mass production and rampant globalisation. 

Yet, as companies offer pioneering technologies that make our lives more convenient, the demand for high-quality and durable products has never been higher. 

With food and products scares common place nowadays, a growing middle class has driven this demand and has given rise to the need for Material and Precision Engineering. 

A product’s material can ultimately determine its success or failure. A new material can improve a product ten-fold and even launch new industries and fields of science. There are companies dedicated to the invention of new, and the improvement of existing materials at HKSTP, with these scientist creating the building blocks of a great product. 

Products that must also be perfect inside and out. 

Precision Engineering, which defines the architecture of a device, includes electrical, electronic, mechanical and optical engineering; and plays an integral role in the manufacturing of applications and products in aerospace, automotive, engineering, electronics, materials handling, medical equipment, oil and gas, power generation, renewable energy, and transportation industries.

To ensure the continued development of this key cluster, HKSTP offers state-of-the-art labs and technical centres, as well as one-stop services to companies to drive R&D and product development.  

And at the core of this cluster is our Materials Analysis Laboratory, where companies can enjoy evaluation qualification services for components and materials and chemical characterisation, to ensure that their products are top of the line. 

Material and Precision Engineering will continue to be high-potential industries that drive the creation of new, and the modernisation of products around the world that benefit the community. 

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