Hong Kong has a huge problem looming on the horizon.

Life expectancy1 has been increasing the past four decades, with the average age of males and females around 81.2 years and 86.9 years respectively.

Our ageing population requires immediate attention and a multitude of support services. 

While the city has a fairly comprehensive medical system, elderly care has always fallen by the wayside when compared to the West.

Yet innovative solutions are available, solutions powered by technologies such as the IoT, robotics, Big Data analysis, and the Cloud. And with the growing need for elderly care, Healthy Ageing has become a key developmental area.

Imagine a robot that can provide 24-hour care 7 days a week or a network of in-home sensors linked directly to a care-givers’ smartphone, informing them when a patient requires attention or medical treatment, or the ability to grow a patient a new heart after a major debilitating stroke.

HKSTP’s biomedical technology cluster has been supporting companies to develop cutting-edge products such as Humanoids or Fire Prevention Robots. The corporation is in a strong position to drive the next era of bio-technologies that can change the world, and transform the city into a centre for innovation.

1 http://www.chp.gov.hk/en/data/4/10/27/111.html
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