The need for innovative technology has never been greater. 

For the past decades, rapid growth both in Hong Kong and Mainland China has given rise to numerous environmental challenges that can no longer be ignored. 

Degrading air and water quality, rising demand for water, increasing building and transport infrastructure have placed stress on the environment and in some cases, caused irreversible damage in urban and industrial areas. 

Yet these seemingly insurmountable problems have given rise to a new industry, an industry that not only offers hope, but has the potential to create a beautiful future for all mankind. 

This industry is Green Technology. 

And HKSTP is set to lead technological innovations in this area to new highs. 

One of the organisation’s five core clusters, HKSTP has been slowly transforming Science Park into a 'living laboratory' where green tech solutions are developed, tested and commercialised. 

These cutting-edge innovations will not only create jobs and bolster Hong Kong’s economy, they will drive the green economy forward in every part of the world. 

We’ve been providing companies in this cluster with a full-range of highly-tailorable shared labs and technical centres equipped with the latest equipment to carry out research and create innovative solutions to solve environmental issues. 

This includes the globally renowned Solid State Lighting Laboratory, which is equipped with precision facilities and equipment to support the development and testing for lighting in terms of panel displays, light-emitting devices and photonics packaging.

HKSTP will continue to support its partner companies to develop green technology in the areas of building energy efficiency, environmental solutions, alternative energy, waste disposal and recycling, electric vehicles, and green electronics for infrastructure projects and carbon audits.
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